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203K Certified Contractor

July 7, 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Durango Construction, Dennis Smith, has completed the construction/remodeling industry’s most comprehensive training in the use of the U.S. Government’s FHA 203k Home Renovation Loan program. By earning the designation as a Certified 203k Contractor, Durango Construction is listed in the 203k Contractor Directory , a nationwide database of educated, knowledgeable and experienced 203k contractors, and is dedicated to helping more Americans achieve the dream of home ownership, improve our communities, and contribute to the health of our economy.

 “ The FHA 203k Renovation Loan offers tremendous opportunities today for many consumers to tap into government insured rehab funds,” explains Dennis. “The FHA 203k can revitalize entire neighborhoods, reinvigorate communities, create jobs, and help to improve the real estate market. Until recent years, there has been limited use of this program and little awareness of the opportunities it offers the current economy. By becoming a Certified 203k Contractor, Durango Construction is going to change that.”

 The 203k Contractor Directory, located at® is a database through which Certified 203k Contractors can be located. It was established with the mission of educating contractors on the intricacies and nuances of the 203k program and giving consumers, lenders, and Realtors® a method of validating a contractor’s understanding of the 203k renovation loan program. Additionally, the 203k Contractor Directory increases awareness of the opportunities offered by the FHA 203k program, thereby educating everyone involved.

 “The Certified 203k Contractor designation positions me to provide professional guidance to those who would like to rehab or improve a home to meet their needs,” says Dennis, “and these are the homes offered at the most competitive prices. As a Certified 203k Contractor, I can help my customers more easily navigate the process of planning, construction, securing approval, and completing the home improvements.”

 The 203k Contractor Directory is the national database of Certified 203k Contractors. To learn more, visit or call 480.463.4663.

Dennis Smith, owner of Durango Construction, Inc. was featured in an article discussing the challenges that face a contractor with the 203k program. With Dennis’ knowledge and Durango’s longevity, we are able to navigate through the hurdles. To read the full article please visit: